Smart navigation around cities (not only) for the disabled ROUTE4ALL


Smart navigation around cities (also) for the disabled


Main objectives of the ROUTE4ALL project



The ROUTE4ALL project develops an open platform combining a unique data model of pedestrian routes with information about barriers and landmarks in city areas.  The platform is designed for the specific needs of orientation and navigation of people with limited mobility and orientation (blind, wheelchair users, seniors, mothers with prams, etc.), but it also means profit for tourists and citizens.

The platform provides route searching and generating route descriptions according to the needs of a specific user. The accessibility of the platform is managed through an open web service, which makes it ready to be easily utilized by third party applications.



Mobile phone:Pedestrian route for pedestrians without limitation
Route for pedestrians without limitation
| shortest route |
| underpasses and open spaces |

Mobile phone:Pedestrian route for blind
Route for blind
| focuses on the orientation possibility of the visually impaired |
| avoids open spaces and underpasses |

Mobile phone:Pedestrian route for wheelchair users
Route for wheelchair users
| focuses on the orientation possibility of wheelchair users and the size of the wheelchair |
| several route variants |



What is the ROUTE4ALL platform



The platform integrates common map bases of CEDA Maps a.s. (CEDA) and detailed map data on pedestrian routes verified by field research conducted specifically for the purposes of the ROUTE4ALL data model. The data are saved in a data model, which uses specifically developed algorithms for searching routes for users such as the visually impaired, wheelchair users or pedestrians according to their individual abilities and needs.



Illustration of route planning from point A to point B for motor vehicles and pedestrians


plánovaná trasa pro automobily zobrazená nad leteckým snímkem



Navigation for motor vehicles – instructions for the driver:

“Go straight on – after 50 metres turn left – you have reached your destination!”



plánovaná trasa pro chodce zobrazená nad leteckým snímkem


ROUTE4ALL – instructions for the pedestrian:

"Go straight on, use the pedestrian crossing across the Karlovo náměstí street – continue straight on, on the right side of the Karlovo náměstí street (approx. 50m) – continue to the left, use the pedestrian crossing across the Karlovo náměstí street – turn left to Karlovo náměstí street – continue straight on, on the right side of the Karlovo náměstí street (approx. 15m) – turn right to Na Moráni street – continue straight on, on the right side of Na Moráni street (approx. 10m) – turn left, use the pedestrian crossing across Na Moráni street – continue straight on across the pedestrian crossing across Na Moráni street – turn left to Na Moráni street – continue straight on, on the right side of Na Moráni street  (less than 10m) – turn right to Karlovo náměstí street – continue straight on, on the right side of Karlovo náměstí street (approx. 20m) – Your destination is on your right." 



User friendly cloud service environment


 In order to make the use of the data easier for all application designers, we are creating an open cloud service above, which on the contrary to complicated processing and creating algorithms, will enable them to easily gain suitable routes and their descriptions with respect to the abilities of the user. In other words, without the need to manage or update the data, to harmonize algorithms for route searching with particular groups of users.

All users connected to the ROUTE4ALL platform will automatically profit from each upgrade.


description of linkage Route4All


CEDA has already prepared a web map planner of ROUTE4ALL routes for this service, and CTU (Czech Technical University) designed the Naviterier navigation for the visually impaired and wheelchair users, which uses the service. The cloud service can be implemented in other applications, so why not yours! You will gain an exact, accurate and detailed shape and description of pedestrian routes between any points within a mapped area, considering the possible handicap of the user. 

  Monitor the preview desktop application of route4all


Plans and objectives of the ROUTE4ALL project


We are still working on developing the platform. It is an ambitious project, which will help us create a complex system for collection, visualisation and use of map data. The platform takes the mapping detail to a higher level compared to other existing functional solutions. We are mapping the pedestrian network, barriers and landmarks in the field. 

From the beginning we have been focused on long-term sustainability and effectiveness, so that the demanding process of collecting detailed data has maximum effect for our target groups. This is achieved by sharing all information from all locations at one spot, providing the service of route searching in form of an open service, including to third parties, and finding efficient models of updating the data. Thanks to these principles, each new area and update appears immediately in all applications using the platform. 



Would you like to take part in developing solutions?
Would you like to help us extend the area covered by the platform? 
Would you like your town or city to be part of the platform? 
Would you like to use the platform for your application or further research?

Contact us and help us create cities friendly to all!

Help us create friendly cities

Are you interested in the ROUTE4ALL project? Contact us!

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About us

ROUTE4ALL is a mutual project of CEDA Maps a.s. (CEDA), the Naviterier, s.r.o. social enterprise and Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU).

Within the ROUTE4ALL project, CEDA, which has operated in the digital map and service market for more than 15 years and processes navigation data of the Czech and Slovak Republics, is responsible for the data model and integration of map data into the platform and cloud service. Naviterier, s.r.o. under the patronage of CTU, are working on the development of specialized navigation applications, especially for people with visual impairment and wheelchair users, using the ROUTE4ALL platform. CTU is mainly responsible for research in the area of dealing with the needs of the disabled.

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